(John) Thomas Jefferson
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Main Series Mary Shelley's Frankenhole
Season No. 1
Episode No. 2
Production No. 106
Original Airdate July 4, 2010
Runtime 11 Minutes
FCC Rating TV-MA
Main Crew
Director(s) David Tuber
Writer(s) Dino Stamatopoulos
Mark Rivers
Producer(s) Alex Bulkley
Corey Campodonico
Ollie Green
Eric Blyler
Executive producer(s) Scott Adsit
Mark Rivers
Dino Stamatopoulos
Editor(s) Matt Mariska
Episode Cast
Voices of Scott Adsit
Jeff Bryan Davis
Opening theme Peter Blood
Composer(s) Io Perry
Previous Episode Yawn of the Dead
Next Episode Death

(John) Thomas Jefferson is the second episode of the first season of Mary Shelley's Frankenhole.


Thomas Jefferson, founding father and third President of The United States of America, comes to Victor and asks to have his penis removed and replaced with the penis of fourty-fourth President Barak Obama, as Jefferson believes that having the penis of an African-American would be more pleasurable to his slaves.


  • Jeff Bryan Davis as Dr. Victor Frankenstein
  • Scott Adsit as Professor Polidori, Thomas Jefferson
  • Tigger Stamatopoulos as Ygor
  • William Salyers as John Hancock

Brita Phillips, Dino Stamatopoulos, Brandon Johnson, Mark Rivers, and Jay Johnston all provide additional voices.

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