Beer Goggles
Drinky Beer Goggles
Main Series The Drinky Crow Show
Season No. 1
Episode No. 1
Production No. 101
Original Airdate November 23, 2008
Runtime 11 Minutes
Main Crew
Director(s) Matt Danner
Writer(s) Eric Kaplan
Episode Cast
Voices of Daivd Herman
Dino Stamatopoulos
Becky Thyre
Pamela Adlon
Tony Millionaire
Eric Kaplan
Guest Star(s)
Guest Star(s) Jermaine Clement as Alien #1
Brett McKenzie as Alien #2
Opening theme "The Drinky Crow Show Theme" by
They Might Be Giants
Composer(s) Sebastian Evans
Previous Episode Pilot
Next Episode Whale Show

Beer Goggles is the first episode of The Drinky Crow Show. The episode premiered November 23, 2008 on Adult swim.


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