"Boston" was produced and originally intended to air as the first episode of season five. It was rejected for air at the direct demand of the Turner Networks legal department (since Adult Swim still rents channel space and is owned by Turner Networks, owned by Ted Turner) to avoid further controversy after the 2007 Boston bomb scare, during which Cartoon Network basically disavowed all responsibility for the incident despite being listed on the permits, blamed everything on the two guys hired to put up the Mooninite signs and paid a million dollars to the Boston Police, a million dollars to the city of Boston and a million dollars in "good will money" for "Homeland Security purposes". This  reponse was widely heckled by loyal Adult Swim fans and people everywhere who weren't Ted Turner's lawyers or Homeland Security agents. It's worth noting that despite being up in 7 other cities, no other city freaked out the way that Boston did.

In a 2008 interview Dave Willis confirmed that the episode is a response to the 2007 Bomb Scare. In the interview Willis also revealed that three different versions of the episode do exist; when asked if the episode will ever air, or become available to the public, Willis in-directly said no. He and Matt Maellaro have remained tight lipped on the topic, since it has been widely rumored that Ted Turner personally promised them he'd cancel the show and sue Adult Swim for damages if it even leaked to the Internet.

Very little is known about the storyline or plot of "Boston", other than comedian Paul F. Tompkins did make a guest appearance in it. Very little is known about this episode's production history, other than being confirmed to be Matt Maiellaro's favorite episode. The only mention of "Boston", aside from it being mentioned by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, is an episode page on the official website, but the episode simply features a question mark, in place of an actual description of the episode . This marks the first time an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force has been prevented from airing, no other episodes have been pulled since (although many have been censored prior to 2005).

It could be possible that this episode would've ended with the Aqua Teens being dragged off to the Mojave Desert, because of Markula, seeing as how it was supposed to be the first Season 5 episode to air.

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