First Appearance Those Who Challenge the Sun
Performer Romi Park (Japanese)
Vic Mignogna (English)

Edward Elric is one of the main protagonists of the series. His nickname is actually the name of the series "Full metal Alchemist".


Early life

Edward Elric was born on February 3, 1899 to the famous alchemist, Hohenheim of Light, and Trisha Elric. Hohenheim left the family while Ed was very young. Ed and his younger brother, Al, lived peacefully with their mother until an incident the lives of both Ed and his younger brother. After their mother died Ed was practicing how to use unforbidden alchemy in order to bring her back. However, he didn;t realize the consequences of using such Alchemy an dlost both his arm and leg while Al lost his body. In order to save Al, Ed infused Al's soul into a nearby set of armor. It was then that Ed and his brother decided to look for the fabled Philosopher's Stone as Ed believed that it could save both him and Al.

Becoming a State Alchemist

Shortly afterwards, the two joined the military where they both became Alchemists after rigorous training drills. Ed was a prodigy, becoming the youngest State Alchemist in the Army's history. Edward stunned his superiors by using Alchemy without an array, a miraculous feat never witnessed before. Though he despised being "a dog of the military," it granted him the opportunity to seek out the legendary Philosopher's Stone. However, the more time he spent in the military, the less he wanted to be apart of it. Shortly after his ascension to State Alchemist, Ed resigned his position.

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