Dream Corp, LLC
Smoking Nun
Air date November 6, 2016
Writer Nick Rutherford
Director Daniel Stessen

The team help an elderly patient quit smoking and Patient 88 gets stabbed.


Dr. Roberts welcomes Patient 88 to Dream Corp, LLC. They then head into the Dream Chamber and introduce Patient 54, an elderly lady who wants help quitting smoking, because she's trying to get pregnant. Once unconscious from "temporary dream rage", she stabs 88 in the neck, and Ahmed and Joey pronounce him dead, however he comes to.

In 54's dream she encounters Sandra and Carol Kallenet, two women who were nasty to her and started a rumor that she was a hussy. Roberts then teaches he to give them the middle finger. Her heart and blood pressure begin dropping rapidly as she enters her father's house. Dr. Roberts then takes her to her prom after she makes angels in the snow to "Boat".

She admits that smoking was the only secret she ever kept from her father after promising to never have sex until she was married, and then only for the purpose of having a baby. 54 never got married, and she wants to have sex before she dies, so Roberts has sex with her.

88 attempts to quit, but is talked out of it by Dr. Roberts.


  • Producers: Brian King, Kahlea Baldwin, Chad Nicholson


Guest starring:

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