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Eureka Seven Promotional poster

Eureka Seven, known in Japan as Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven is a japanese anime series by Bones. The series consists of fifty episodes which aired from April 17, 2005, to April 2, 2006, and debut on Adult Swim on April 15, 2006 and ended on April 28, 2007.


Eureka Seven tells the story of Renton Thurston and the outlaw group Gekkostate, his relationship with the enigmatic mecha pilot Eureka, and the mystery of the Coralians.



  • Renton Thurston
  • Eureka
  • Maurice, Maeter, and Linck
  • Holland Novak
  • Talho Yūki
  • Matthieu
  • Hilda
  • Stoner
  • Ken-Goh
  • Mischa
  • Gonzy
  • Jobs
  • Woz
  • Hap
  • Gidget
  • Moondoggie

U.F. Force

  • Anemone
  • Lieutenant Dominic Sorel
  • Colonel Dewey Novak
  • The Council of the Sages
  • Ageha Squad
  • Captain Jurgens
  • Maria Schneider
  • Logica
  • Yauchi
  • Dr. Diamond


  • Axel Thurston
  • Yucatan Iglasias
  • Charles Beams
  • Ray Beams
  • Tiptory
  • Norb
  • Sakuya
  • Morita
  • Dr. Greg "Bear" Egan
  • Dr. Sonia Wakabayashi
  • William B. "Will" Baxter
  • Sumner Sturgeon & Ruri
  • Adroc Thurston
  • Diane Thurston
  • Kes

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