A snowflake then lands on the snow. Suddenly, a thug is tackled to the snow by Walter. Walter asks the thug what is the idea, stealing an old woman's purses, "and on Christmas of all days". The thug scoffs and replies, "Christmas? Christmas just another cold day.". " "Just another cold day?!" ", Walter replies, and tells the thug that that is like saying, "Head cheese just another cold cut!". He tells the thug that he reminds him of someone else, who had the wrong attitude about Christmas, and starts to tell the story about Thurgood. Narrating, he says that "all the Po's down in Po'ville" were preparing with glee, even the Super (Thurgood), who was "trimming his tree". Muriel comes by and sees the Christmas tree, and tells Thurgood that it is beautiful. She tells Thurgood that "those lights are so old. I hope they're still safe". Thurgood tells Muriel that he is way ahead of her, and he tells her that he is going to flock the tree with asbestos. He gets the broom, pounds it on the ceiling, and asbestos come out and land on the Christmas tree, making it look like snow. Muriel puts a Christmas present under the tree and tells Thurgood to remember, no peeking at his gifts before Christmas. Thurgood asks Muriel that if he doesn't peek, how he knows how much he has to spend on her". Muriel asks Thurgood if he hasn't got her gift yet, and drops a magazine on the floor, and Muriel asks Thurgood if she can get it for her. Thurgood gets it, and asks Muriel if she is trying to give him a hint. He tells Muriel that she has got it ("Santa's gonna bring you a brand new magazine!"). Muriel tells Thurgood to not look at the magazine, look at the ad. Thurgood does so, but then, he thinks that Muriel wants 12 CDs for a penny. He tells Muriel that he can't afford that. Muriel says no, and tells Thurgood to look at the other ad (the computer). Thurgood looks at the computer. Frustrated, Muriel storms out of the living room, and groans angrily. She asks herself why does she even bother. Thurgood laughs, and says that "I shouldn't play with her like that". He asks if Muriel wants a computer. He continues to look at it, and then he goes to Emilio's house, and tells him, "Season greetings." ("Perry como esta."). Emilio tells Thurgood that he may a touch of the greeting. Thurgood becomes "repo man", so that he can buy Muriel a computer as a Christmas present.

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