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This article details all programming found on adult swim.

Note: All years listed are the years the show ran on [adult swim], and not nessecarily the original run of the show.

Original ProgrammingEdit

Currently PremieringEdit

These shows are currently premiering new episodes.

In ProductionEdit

These shows are in production of upcoming seasons. Air dates are tentative and subject to change.

Unrenewed/In Limbo/Unknown StatusEdit

These programs have yet to be picked up by Adult Swim for a new season.

Canceled Original ProgrammingEdit



Pilots In LimboEdit

These pilots have been aired, but have not been picked up or rejected.

Failed PilotsEdit

Syndicated ProgrammingEdit

Current Syndicated ProgrammingEdit

While not all shows are currently shown, Adult Swim still hold the rights to air them.

Upcoming Syndicated ProgrammingEdit

These are shows announced by [Adult Swim] that have yet to air.

Former Syndicated ProgrammingEdit

These are show who's airing rights have expired.

Filler ShowsEdit

These shows were used as filler material at various points.



1These shows began as cancelled programs syndicated to [adult swim], but were then picked up for new episodes by [adult swim].

2While never offically cancelled, these show are on a permenant hiatus and will no longer be producing new episodes.

3These shows were compilations of old cartoons used for filler material.

4These shows were never officially syndicated to [adult swim], but were borrowed from other Turner channels as filler material.

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