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Premiere August 5, 2016
Finale September 16, 2016
Seasons 1
Episodes 6

Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace was a live-action sketch comedy show created by the comedy group Million Dollar Extreme consisting of Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort and Charls Carroll. It premiered on August 5, 2016 and, was canceled by Adult Swim on December 5, 2016, according to creator Sam Hyde, for their support of Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The show was advertised as a "sketch show in an almostpresentday postapocalyptic nightmare world". The show's sketches incorporate a blend of comedy and social commentary. The result is opinionated, but not political.


The show was subjected to censorship for (mostly) unknown reasons. The show's logo, transitions, pilot episode, music, and sketches have been censored.


World Peace's original logo

Originally, the show's logo was the symbol shown to the right. This symbol was the creation of mass murderer James Holmes and was repeatedly drawn in his notebook. 

The logo may have been censored because its relation to a mass murderer may offend some. Adult Swim has a history of staying away from sensitive topics (the censorship of the "Boston" episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force being an example), even though they are otherwise okay with airing offensive content. The network's reasons for censoring the original logo may never be known.

The original logo was replaced with a mundane peace sign.


Every transition and most of the intro sequences in the show originally had text embedded in the animations. This text was replaced by colored boxes. The choppy censorship of the transitions was widely considered to be an eyesore.

Some uncut transitions have been leaked onto the internet, revealing some of the censored text to be provocative. Despite most censored text to be harmless, all transitions were censored.