== sesshomaru is the half brother of inuyasha,they both share the same father so thats why they are not very close.sesshomaru always seeked the tetsuaiga but got the tensueiga instead.sesshomaru and inuyasha are not very close and they both fight for the same thing.naraku offered to help sesshomaru to defeating inuyasha so they joined turns out when naraku gave him the sacred jewel it began to ware off and wore his new arm off so sesshomaru seeked revenge after naraku including the time naraku tried to suck him in and to absorb his powers.sesshomaru is an intense opponent who doesnt really like to fight unless you make him mad of course.Sessomaru is a very cold person.His followers are Jaken,A imp demon and a young human girl named Rin.Alot of fans have wondered why sessomaru would let a little human girl follow him around, yet he despises humans?Sesshomaru is also hot,haha^_^

by: Allison Sharpe == and kayla beaman [i love Inuyasha its my favorite anime!!1] [mine 2^_^]-allison sharpe

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