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snake 'n' Bacon
Genre Comedy
Format Live Action
Created by Michael Kupperman
Written by Michael Kupperman
Starring Dan Bakkendahl
Kristen Schaal
Voices of James Urbaniak
Bill Hader
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 1
Running time 11 Minutes
Production company(s) williams Street
Original channel Adult Swim
Picture format 4:3 SDTV
Original airing May 10, 2009
Status Under Consideration

Snake 'n' Bacon is a show under consideration.


The show follows Snake, a green snake who communicates through hisses, and Bacon, a piece of talking bacon. The pair are detectives, and live in a live action human world.

The show is based on creator Michael Kupperman's comic series of the same name.


The pilot episode was first shown on Verizon V-Cast in late 2007, to whatever confused phone users who had signed for the service. Adult Swim waited to show it on their network until a Sunday at midnight: May 10, 2009. There was no promotion. A series had already been rejected, for reasons that were never explained. Nearly a year later, Snake 'n' Bacon was chosen as one of 8 pilots in the Burger King Big, Über, Network Sampling popularity contest, where viewers were allowed to vote fof which pilot should recieve a series run. This was a cynical exercise in viewer manipulation. None of the votes actually counted for anything. Adult Swim continued to torture Michael Kupperman with their garbage behavior for many more years.

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