The Popeye Show is an anthology series that began airing on Cartoon Network on November 11, 2001. The episodes were three shorts that were either made by Fleischer Studios or Famous Studios, sometimes both. Bill Murray (a voice over artist, not to be confused with the film actor) narrates the show and tells the people that are watching about the shorts before another short begins. Jerry Becks was the consultant and and Barry Mills wrote and produced the episodes. There are 45 episodes which means that there are 135 shorts.

The series aired episodes intermittently on Adult Swim in 2002, with it's last airing in 2012. The [as] version of the series would air shorts that wouldn't air on the Cartoon Network version such as "Happy Birthdaze," where Popeye murders his Navy buddy Shorty, and "Spinach fer Britain," a World War II short which depicts Nazis.