The Popeye Show is a show that started airing on Cartoon Network on November 11, 2001. The episodes were three shorts that were either made by Fleischer Studios or Famous Studios, sometimes both. Bill Murray narrates the show and tells the people that are watching about the shorts before another short begins. Jerry Becks was the consultant and and Barry Mills was the one that wrote and produced the episodes. There are 45 episodes which means that there are 135 shorts. Before The Popeye Show, other Popeye shows had the logo of Associated Artists Productions which made movies made from Paramount Pictures into TV shows. Initially, the movie studios were fearful of losing money connected with the new media of television. Associated Artists Productions had to show their logo instead of the one for Paramount Pictures. The Popeye Show is about shorts made by Fleischer Studios, and the ones made by Famous Studios when the show started. The first two shorts would be black-and-white. Occasionally, the third one was in color from Famous Studios but sometimes the whole episode was in black-and-white. They chose episodes in color from the Turner vault with their titles. The episode at the end of Season 3 and the ones in Season 4 had episodes with recreated titles. A copy of Popeye, The Ace of Space had its titles when they first showed it. This episode had a different opening because it was in 3D. The ending was different and they didn't show it on syndication prints because smoke from Popeye's pipe made the logo for Paramount Pictures. A short called The Hungry Goat wasn't shown because they needed more attention to make it more original. The ending has the goat in the short laughing as he watches the same short and also has the logo made from the smoke. A short called Tops in the Big Top had circus music instead of the music for the show. They prepared a version of We're On Our Way to Rio had it's music but the show ended before it could air. A couple of episodes in Season 1 were not shown until old episodes aired. In Season 1, two episodes were skipped and were not shown until old episodes aired. The people at Cartoon Network wold not show these episodes.

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