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Thurgood Stubbs

Thurgood Stubbs (also known as "The Super," or just simply as "Super") is the black superintendent boss of the Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs projects and the main protagonist of the series. He is short-tempered, impatient, not very bright, very skinny, and usually gets himself into trouble. Thurgood has a wife named Muriel Stubbs. His arch-nemesis is Mrs. Avery, and his friend is Emilio Sanchez. He dislikes "Smokey". Thurgood wears a yellow short-sleeved shirt, blue suspenders, and brown shoes. He also has dark gray (and light gray) hair with a tiny moustache. Thurgood is terrified of black rats, as revealed in the episode, "Fear of a Black Rat," where he is scared of a black rat (which he names "Mr. Whiskers"), but then befriends him after the rat saved his life. He is voiced by Eddie Murphy.

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